Mr. David Brown
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Mr. David Brown

Licensed Professional Counselor | M.S.Ed.; L.P.C.; N.C.C.

Have you felt stuck with no new ideas on what to do next? Would you welcome the chance to “hear yourself think” and gain new strategies to do things differently? Want to have encouragement and guidance from a distinctively Christian viewpoint? Looking for ways to improve and enhance your personal relationships: spouse, child, friend or co-worker?
I can help you find ways to improve and enhance your personal relationships. You’ll set goals, describe your desired outcome, and discover your role in making those changes. You’ll identify new approaches and strategies you may have overlooked. ”Refreshing relationships through Christ-centered professional counseling.”

You may desire change, but lack the energy or motivation to get started.
Psalm 51:12 asks God to “grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.” Or to paraphrase God, help me want to – “want to’”. Let’s put those “good intentions” into practice for the future with God’s help.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth