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Dr. Timothy Bryant

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | PhD, LMFT

I have been practicing in Williamsport with Cornerstone Family Health (now a part of Family Practice Center) since 1/1/1984. I provide, along with 3 fellow therapist, outpatient psychotherapy covering a broad range of issues. We practice from a Biblical Christian approach while being sensitive to where people are or are not yet on their spiritual journey. We are part of a family practice medical office. One does not need to be a medical patient to use the counseling services. Psychotherapy is provide with grace and truth. Individuals, couples and families are treated with respect and care. In a rural area, I provide care for a wide range of concerns.

We draw from a wide geographical area given to limited number of therapists in our region. We provide care for Christians from many denominational backgrounds as well as people of other faiths or those not having a religious affiliation. We want to demonstrate the love of Christ while providing professional care. For those desiring to have their Christian faith integrated into the treatment approach, we gladly do so.