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Mrs. Susan Boyd

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | MS, LMFT

I typically counsel male or female clients, couples, families and individuals 18 years and older. I especially like treating people with anxiety disorders such as OCD or Panic Disorder. I have years of experience treating couples (and have been married for over 50 years myself). I treat college students and have had many clients from nearby Cal Poly or Questa College. I am counseling grandparents who from necessity find themselves in the role of parent again. Many need help breaking codependent and enabling behavior so they can remain in a supportive role in their families. My ideal client will move from being depressed, anxious and emotionally paralyzed to autonomous, proactive and relational. I will treat people of all backgrounds and faiths or those with no faith, but I prefer a client who is a committed Christian looking for a therapist who is a committed Christian. I offer teletherapy by phone or by electronic devices which provide face to face therapy for those who prefer or need this type of therapy, especially during the COVID crisis.

I have always had my own Private Practice. I do a brief, free, interview on the phone or by email or text with anyone wanting to know more about me personally or what kind of Private Practice I have. Clients ask me any question about my mode of therapy, my personal faith as well as doctrinal questions until they feel comfortable. I will tell clients my fees before they ever come into my office. I provide clients with a “Superbill” so they can be reimbursed by their insurance. I offer teas, chocolate and fresh fruit so clients feel more welcomed and relaxed coming into my office for therapy.

BA: Sociology, a minor in Psychology. MS: Counseling Psychology. Counseling for 25 years in Private Practice. Spoken on National Syndicated Radio and Television. Speaker at three World Conferences for the American Association of Christian Counselors on “Bullying”& published two books on the subject: Published Step into Scripture Bible Study Series- Seder to Sunday: A Bible Study for Easter, The Christmas Story: A Bible Study for Advent, After Easter: A Bible Study of the First Acts of the Apostles to be published in the fall of 2020. Seminars given to churches, schools and government agencies.