Ms. Lisa Bolumen
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Ms. Lisa Bolumen

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MA, LCMHC, NCC

Are you or a loved one feeling anxious, depressed, struggling in a relationship,…and you are in need of hope, encouragement, and direction? I consider it an honor to counsel children through adults as I get to share Biblical truth as well as pray with those whom I counsel. I counsel children, adolescents, parents, and adults. Through the truth of God’s Word, the power of prayer, and the application of counseling techniques, hope and restoration are available for your heart, mind, and body. I am here, available, and I care.

As a counselor, it is a privilege to walk the journey with you. At times, there are deep wounds that you may struggle to identify the roots. Oftentimes, I will apply cognitive-behavioral therapy. Specialized areas include anger, grief, family relationships, and depression. You can live with hope again.

The counseling process takes time and committed effort. I expect you to be honest, implement homework (when applicable), and work toward the established goals. You can expect that I will counsel applying Biblical truth, provide an environment of safety and trust, listen empathetically, challenge false beliefs, offer encouragement, explore feelings, create goals, and make referrals when appropriate.

I am trained in play therapy and worked for nearly 20 years as a teacher or school counselor. Emotionally and mentally, there are many challenges that children and parents may endure. I’ve been counseling in private practice for about 10 years.

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