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Dr. Angela Bisignano

Licensed Psychologist | Ph.D.

Are you feeling lost in your relationship, romantically disappointed or tired of arguing with your spouse? Then you may be feeling deep sadness, loneliness, anger or anxiety. Relationships can really hurt at times. Whether you feel like you are losing your soul mate or your heart is dying, you may be wondering what you should do or who to talk to. If this sounds like you then I want you to know there is hope; you can get through the heartache and pain. I am here to help and I am passionate about getting couples back on track.

Besides specializing in couples therapy, I have expertise working with women struggling with anxiety, stress, relationship issues and life transitions. I help by providing strategies and skills for processing and overcoming painful emotions, as well, negative thinking. I am passionate about helping women experience healing, feeling empowered, joyful and confident.

Are you ready to begin the process of healing your aching heart or overcoming obstacles getting in the way of life? If you are ready to move forward and reconnect to life and love, call me today. I offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation. Be hopeful, your life can get better!

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and coach practicing in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, serving the communities of Palos Verdes Peninsula, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and all of California. My job to me as a psychologist is a calling, something that brings me great joy, excitement and fulfillment. My practice is influenced and informed by the Bible, prayer, evidence-based theories and research.

I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology and a masters degree in Ministry. I have worked in community mental health, hospital, church, crisis and private practice settings. I also have a doctoral level certification in Health Psychology, a specialization combining biology and health with psychology. In addition, I am a certified Gottman Couples Therapist.

I am the author of “Beautifully Gifted: Equipping Today’s Women for the High Calling of God.” I write a blog on my website. My husband and I have been married for thirty years and have raised two sons in the South Bay. We attend a local community based church.

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