Dr. Deborah Bauers
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Dr. Deborah Bauers

Licensed Psychologist

My ideal client is one that is ready to actively work on identified issues and believe God for “things thought impossible.” I enjoy working with adolescents and their family systems. I generally try to keep my client load to 50% adolescent and family and 50% clinical including ADHD, depression, eating disorders, grief, PTSD and anxiety. As a survivor of two church shootings and trained CISM specialist, I am well-qualified to work with trauma victims.

I have been in practice for almost 32 years. I prefer private practice but have experience in local mental health as a triage and emergency services coordinator for severely mentally ill. I work primarily with preadolescents, teens and adults. I have particular strengths in PTSD and family systems.

I bring over thirty-two years of experience to my practice in clinical counseling, serving both private and public sectors of mental health.

My strong communication skills enable me to excel as a practitioner, teacher, facilitator, public speaker and writer.

I have thirteen years of experience as a writer, editor and mental health knowledge specialist for R.R. Donnelley’s former knowledge based platform known as Helium. You may view samples of my mental health articles previously published on my Linkedin portfolio.

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