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Mrs. Shelley Bartels

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LMHC, MA

Building from a foundation of a Christian worldview, my style involves exploring your history and current circumstances to identify feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that contribute to your current unhappiness. With short term counseling I provide support and skill building and immediate shifts in perspective. If you desire long term counseling I can help you examine deeper issues, working through hurts and wounds enabling healing and improved relationships. I am certified in EMDR which is a powerful method of psychotherapy used to treat trauma. I work with sex addiction and my primary focus is working with partners of those who are sexually addicted or women facing love and sex addiction. I also work with couples. Perhaps you feel terribly alone in your marriage or maybe you’re always walking on egg shells believing no matter what you do it isn’t good enough. I see couples who long to be fully understood, accepted, respected and valued by their mates. I work with you to provide tools and ways for you to escape hot emotions and negative patterns of interacting. This enables you to emotionally connect and problem solve and enjoy one another again.

I specialize in helping people work through traumatic events, both big and small that might have left them feeling shattered or overwhelmed. Trauma can include events that happened long ago or recently.

I offer individual counseling and work with couples. I also run a group for women who have experienced sexual betryal by their partners or husbands.

I have a BA in Communications from Taylor University in Indiana and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (formerly Mars Hill Graduate School).

I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained under Dr. Patrick Carnes.

I am also trained in Post Induction Therapy by Pia Mellody for the treatment of relational trauma. I am a Certified EMDR Therapist trained in Attachment Focused EMDR by an EMDR Institute Senior Trainer. I am trained in Emotionally focused Couples Therapy.