Dr. Natalie Atwell
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Dr. Natalie Atwell

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LCMHCS, BCPCC

Natalie R. Atwell, Ed.D, LCMHCS, BCPCC has been in the counseling field since 2005 and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (#S7482) in the state of North Carolina. She is also a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (BCPCC #1184) and can incorporate this specialty with her clients. Dr. Atwell views counseling as a collaborative effort in which she will assist each client in gathering information, exploring various issues, and changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the desired direction. Although her counseling style is eclectic, she tends to use a cognitive-behavioral, client-centered approach in conjunction with reality-based and solution focused applications. Change does not come easy, but she will aid in encouraging clients towards making those important steps towards change. Dr. Atwell believes that the client has a strong responsibility in the process as well.

There are several therapists on staff under the supervision of Dr. Atwell. These therapists have been selected carefully by Dr. Atwell.

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