Mr. F. Lee Arlington
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Mr. F. Lee Arlington

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | LMHP, MA

Individual 20-80 with depression and/or anxiety; couples, dealing with communication and conflict resolution issues. I am an ordained minister with a bachelors degree in sociology, and a masters degree in counseling from Liberty University.

I work from my office primarily although I, also, work via Zoom and secure internet connections. I often deal with unresolved childhood trauma. We often look at faulty thinking patterns and lies we have come to accept as truth. I help clients change their thinking patterns which change their behavior. Sometimes we must address behavior while working on faulty thinking. I will teach quite an array of life skills. We are learning about the consequences of unexpressed emotions. Stuffed emotion can assault your body and turn your whole life grey. Giving advice is above my pay grade.

I am a 77 years old, married to my wife 55 years. We have a 51 year old daughter. I was born and raised in Southern Missouri. At age 15 my family moved to California. I graduated L.I.F.E. Bible College. I pastored churches in the Midwest for 12 years. I was Chaplain at a Mental Health Hospital for 3 and a half years. In 1990, I went back to school and earned a bachelors degree in sociology. In 1996 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Counseling. I have been in private counseling practice for 25 years.