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Dr. LaDan Goble


During these stressful times, I understand the need for compassion and support, as well as hope and encouragement.
I also believe that it is paramount that we feel comfortable with our physicians, and that we can trust them to be reliable sources of information to guide us.
As a Christian and a Medical Doctor specialized in the field of Psychiatry, my hope is to offer truth, wisdom and insight to assist others in making wise decisions for their mental and physical health.
I believe it is important to learn how to reduce stress and maintain balance in life.
To assist you, I provide education and support regarding a healthy diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and activities that restore and comfort.
Achieving and maintaining a healthy self-esteem, as well as healthy relationships, are equally important. Knowing your worth, your value and the significant contribution you are making in your daily life and the lives of others are essential to enjoying your life.
Together, our goal will be to help you identify and overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from appreciating yourself or your life.
Please note that I do NOT contract with any insurance providers.
This allows me the freedom and flexibility to offer each individual person the unique and specific help that I believe is in the individual’s best interest.

Remote Sessions / Telehealth